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We help support those struggling with mental health issues and substance use disorder, and those who support them. Please support us by attending our monthly meetings, joining our Facebook Group and signing up to join our email list.

We host monthly meetings from 9am - noon the first Friday of each month year-round unless the first Friday falls on a holiday. Meetings are currently held on Zoom. Post-COVID-19, we meet at 41 Anthony Avenue in Augusta Maine. We also have a phone-in option available for those who are unable to attend in person. Meetings will most likely resume when it is one again safe to do so.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the state system of care for mental health and substance use challenges by magnifying the voice of the individuals with lived experience and their families, and by making specific recommendations for improvements as required by federal and state statutes. Federal Title 42 § 300x–3, State Title 34-B §3609


The QIC wants every person in Maine to have access to the highest quality mental health and substance use services in an environment of respect and empowerment.


  • We are focused on improving the system as a whole (the mental health and substance use disorder system).
  • We believe in equal access to a fair system of high-quality services.
  • We respect all individuals.
  • We value diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.
  • We value input from all stakeholders.
  • We are especially interested in hearing, amplifying and acting on the voices of those with lived experiences and their families.
  • We earn trust through demonstrating integrity, passion, and commitment to all of our work.

About Us

The Statewide QIC was started in Legislation in 1995 to serve as the mental health and substance use block grant planning and advisory council for Maine. Meetings are held monthly in Augusta, typically on the first Friday of each month. Our Membership is a combination of youth, family, young adults and adults with the experience of living with behavioral health issues, providers of services for children, youth, family, young adults, adults and State of Maine employees from mental health, substance use, housing, corrections, data, education, labor and Medicaid.

Federal law requires that, in order to receive Community Mental Health Block Grant and Substance Use Block Grant funds, states must conduct mental health and substance use planning. In order to assist the State of Maine in that planning, the Statewide QIC participates in the following:

  • Reviewing the Mental Health Block Grant and Substance Use Block Grant Plans and making recommendations.
  • Serving as an advocate for young adults and adults with a serious mental health issue, children and youth with serious emotional disturbance, or other individuals with mental illness or substance use experience.
  • Monitoring, reviewing and evaluating, not less than once each year, the allocation and adequacy of mental health and substance use services within the State.
  • Increasing our knowledge of mental health and substance use services to provide feedback and suggestions as appropriate.

Executive Committee

Diane Bouffard, Chair

Liz Wing, Co-Vice Chair

Ginny Jewell, Co-Vice Chair

Sarah Ferguson, Secretary

Malory Shaughnessy, Treasurer

Agenda & Minutes

We keep an agenda and take notes at each monthly committee meeting. Please find both below for your convenience should you wish to stay informed about our activities and continued service to the community.

Contact Us

You can reach us either by email or phone for any questions, inquiries or needs.